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The beauty of the landscape, the crystal clear waters, the infinite coastline and of course the characteristic olive grove led the pioneers of Club Mediterrane, in 1951, to build one of the first Clubs in the whole world at Valtos. In this way, they combined Parga and Valtos in a unique venture at that time and Parga become known all over the world. In 1979, the Club was transferred from Parga to Corfu, but the region kept attracting many visitors. Furthermore, the know-how acquired by the inhabitants of Parga during those thirty years gave them the opportunity to offer their visitors high quality services, with respect however to the environment and the beauty of the landscape.
Let’s though take things from the beginning. Valtos is the longest beach of Parga with 3 km length. It is situated near the bay of Parga and at the foot of the cliff on which the castle, that has associated its history with the history of Parga, is built. The clear waters of Valtos, as well as the small distance from Parga attract many bathers. There are three ways to reach Valtos: on foot, after passing the castle; by car, from the ring road of Parga, as well as through the centre of Parga, if you have the nerve to do it as there are a lot of traffic jams especially in the summer; and by small boat, from the harbour of Parga, a beautiful trip especially by night.
Valtos beach is covered with sand (60%), as well as pebbles (30%). It is safe because it is surrounded by the bay of the castle of Parga and the bay of Panagia Vlacherna, while the very long coastline enables the natural renewal of the waters without the existence of strong currents. Valtos is an organized beach with outdoor showers and changing-rooms set up by the Municipality of Parga. Finally, at Valtos the visitors can enjoy a large number of water sports. There are also restaurants, mini markets etc.
Valtos beach, Parga and in the background the castle of Parga
Valtos beach, Parga
Valtos beach, Parga as seen when going down from the castle of Parga







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